Magicbooking & Your School Or Club: A Match Made In Heaven

Magicbooking Valentines Day Blog

Magicbooking & Your School Or Club: A Match Made In Heaven

February might be the shortest month of the year, but it’s also one of the most interesting in the calendar. For example, in North America Groundhog Day is observed on February 2nd (that is unless you’re Bill Murray in which case every day is Groundhog Day!) February is also the birth month of both Abraham Lincoln and Susan B. Anthony, and this year the French will be out celebrating Mardi Gras on February 25th. But February is perhaps most famous for being the month of Valentine’s day.

Seeing as this romantic celebration is creeping up on us, we thought you’d like to hear why magicbooking could be like Cupid’s arrow to your school or club this February:


1. Control

Magicbooking is a one-stop solution which allows for complete control over every aspect of hosting an activity. The system enables administrators to set parameters relating to activities: setting capacities, targeting specific groups and avoiding double booking. From the administrator’s site you can also choose how parents pay when creating a booking which will give your school or club the opportunity to limit or prevent parent debt.


2. Parental Transparency

Magicbooking clearly displays parental data and makes it easily accessible. Parents have the ability to view individual bookings or accounts from the dashboard view and we have found this to be a very popular feature, but don’t just take our word for it! Kelsey James of Keyworth Primary described that “by moving over to magicbooking parents have more control over their account and are well reminded about their balance and upcoming payments. This has resulted in parents now owing less money than they ever have for their clubs and trips”.


3. Pre-populated Registers

Magicbooking saves the valuable time of staff through pre-populating registers. This feature reportedly saves up to to 85% of time previously spent on such activities. These registers are available electronically, but can also be printed, exported or emailed to staff that require them, depending on procedure. Magicbooking registers also clearly display all the medical, dietary and SEN needs of the attending child meaning no important information is missed out and it is all easily accessible.


4. Linking Payments To Bookings

Another point about time saving here! Parent payments taken through magicbooking are automatically linked to specific bookings, rather than just the overall parent account. This means that there are no administrative tasks to be completed once a payment has been made which saves the time of staff. Other payment models do not attribute parent payments to a booking. This means that the process of reconciling payments to bookings still needs to be fulfilled by your staff, which can be a very time-consuming task. With magicbooking, this process is automated!


5. Great Team

We usually don’t like to show off, but recently we have had lovely customer feedback about the dedication and hard work of our customer care team. We’ve decided to include some of their kind words and praise Baron, Orry and Joana: (click here to access full testimonials)


Louise, Raglan Schools: “They are a great team who strive to deliver”

Lisa Bower, Rose Hill: “The training and support has been very thorough”

Maureen Philips, Beecroft Academy:Magicbooking resolved any issues reported to them very quickly. Nothing was too much trouble”


6. Referral Scheme Discount

You can enjoy money off your annual magicbooking subscription with our referral scheme discount! Simply refer a school or club to magicbooking by filling out this form. You can get 10% off a year’s annual subscription if they sign up! For further information, click here.



So many great schools, breakfast clubs, wraparound care and more are joining magicbooking.  Why not book a free demo?  Our team will be able to show you how magicbooking can save you time and money.  Use the tool below to book a demo at a time that suits you.