Feature in Focus – 24/7 Availability

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Feature in Focus – 24/7 Availability

For today’s Feature in Focus, we wanted to discuss how magicbooking can allow you to have 24/7 availability.  Magicbooking is always available for parents to use, except for the rare times when it is down for maintenance of course, but we will let you know when that happens.  This may be rather different from how you are used to operating since many of our clients before joining us only accepted booking forms during office hours when they are open.

However, there are more steps to complete a booking other than filling in forms. As you well know there is additional work to be done such as processing payments, adding children to registers, organising staffing, and more.  You need to complete these tasks during office hours, which limits the number of bookings per day due to how long they can take.  This also limits the number of bookings that are likely to come in on any given day because of potential clashes with parent schedules.  Magicbooking provides an alternative by doing that work at any time, with little to no effort on the part of you, the admin.

An Alternative

When you join magicbooking, we will help you embed the system within your website.  This can even be implemented in a way that parents won’t know that magicbooking is there.  So long as your website is online, so too will magicbooking.  The system will do many tasks that you would need to do every time parents book, regardless of the time.  You can close at your normal time, while a parent can also book at a time that suits them.  Additional paperwork is done automatically when the booking is placed.  This also means tasks that magicbooking can’t do, such as managing staff, are easier to focus on.

Last Minute Bookings

There is an additional benefit to 24/7 availability which is that you can potentially accept last minute bookings.  This can boost club revenue, for example, since parents can bring their children to the club at the last minute.  Accepting these children can be difficult to manage from a safeguarding and staffing perspective.  This is why some clubs choose not to.  What magicbooking gives you is the ability to manage those extra children safely and easily.  Several features achieve this;

  • You control the notice period, so parents can book up until a time that you decide, before the activity.
  • The live-register auto-updates with each booking. This means staff can see who is coming right up until the activity starts.
  • The system automatically makes cancelled places available.

Magicbooking users can accept children arriving at the last minute, and generate more revenue.  This isn’t the only way that magicbooking helps users grow their revenue, which we discussed here.

To see how magicbooking can help you with 24/7 availability, book a demo using the tool below: