Magicbooking: Testimonial Tuesday – March

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Magicbooking: Testimonial Tuesday – March

We have had some lovely feedback from many of the amazing schools, breakfast clubs, wraparound care providers and more who have joined magicbooking recently:


Keyworth Primary and Bessemer Grange

Kelsey James, School Business Manager 

We were looking for a system that parents could use to keep up to date on their financial commitments to the school. Our previous provider did not show outstanding balances or upcoming payments and this was very important for our parents.   

 By moving over to Magicbooking parents have more control over their account and are well reminded about their balance and upcoming payments. This has resulted in parents now owing less money than they ever have for their clubs and trips. 

 It has also meant the workload for the admin team has lessened as parents have total control over their accounts and automatic reminders are sent for upcoming payments. 

 The Magicbooking team are so helpful and always ensure any concerns are explained or solved as soon as possible. The training sessions are very comprehensive and their user guides are great for any questions about the system.  



Raglan Schools

Louise, School Business Manager  

The magicbooking system has reduced the workload for our after school provision massively. Our school is a combination of two schools and the Magic team managed to comprise the two MIS systems into one. This did however cause some errors but everything was sorted out effectively and efficiently. Since the initial set up the team have answered any queries quickly and resolved issues with training or direction promptly. They are a great team who strive to deliver. We are even thinking of moving more things over to them.  


Many great schools, breakfast clubs, wraparound care and more are joining magicbooking.  Why not book a free demo?  Our team will be able to show you how magicbooking can save you time and money.  Use the tool below to book a demo at a time that suits you.